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5 tips for effective communication in the workplace

When it comes to communicating more effectively at work, it’s best to strip back to the basics – here are five things to consider to strengthen your office communications style.

Finding clarity in a crisis.

What are the hallmarks of a crisis? It’s an important distinction to make because how you manage communication in a crisis is very different to the day-to-day.

Top 5 things to ask your media trainer

You know your executives are in dire need of some media training. If a crisis blew up, your gravest fear is that they are forced to go in front of a camera screw it up. Or worse still they go AWOL, leaving you to front the cameras.

What not to do when working with media

Perth, like so many cities around the world is going through a media transformation.

Top 5 things you need to do if an issue breaks

Increasingly, CEOs and Chairs are the face of a business. They will thrive or die by their business’s reputation. Think about how many heads rolled at the Banking Royal Commission.

Top five things to reveal to your brand strategist

Brands need to constantly evolve. Change is a necessary part of life as we adjust to new market conditions, political environments and societal expectations.

10 reputational risks your business is probably not prepared for (and what to do about them).

Identifying risks to your organisation is important but in an increasingly complicated world, the biggest risk to your company might seem to come out of left field.

Five things you can do now to protect your reputation in a crisis (that your team will thank you for.)

Burning oil rigs, devastating plane crashes or industrial accidents tend to be the types of things that spring to mind when crisis management is mentioned.

10 ways to create a communications style that works for you.

Communicating your ideas is a critical part of your job. In today’s workplace the focus is on collaboration, which can make some people, particularly introverts, particularly uncomfortable.

Time out! How to manage a crisis in the school yard.

By its very nature a crisis tends to come out of the blue, but that does not mean a similar situation cannot be anticipated in advance.

Maintaining credibility in the new media environment

It’s arguably the greatest paradigm shift of the digital age: while there’s more access to information than ever before and media sources abound, it’s easy to feel starved of reliable news.

37 days of campaign content: Do we actually read it?

Australia is one of about a dozen democracies globally that enforces compulsory voting, a loose collection of nations that makes up about 5 per cent of the UN and includes Belgium, Nauru and Ecuador amongst its number.

What to do when the C-suite misbehaves

CFO stealing funds? CEO bullying? COO awarding himself contracts? CMO posting inappropriately on social media?

Has being connected turned us into poor communicators?

Someone told me recently that it was 20 years ago since we first started texting. (It would seem that all great things in communications started in 1999.)

How to measure PR success for award winning results

The outdated nature of Advertising Value Equivalents (AVE) as a measurement for PR success has been discussed and debated for many years.

What were we doing in 1999?

What were we doing in 1999? We were leasing a small office in City West, buying some second hand desks and setting up three brightly coloured iMacs. In March we opened the doors of Clarity and started a 20 year journey that we’ll be celebrating with you throughout 2019.

How to avoid an internal comms failure

As communicators, we are often tasked with the challenge of selling a new management program, a culture change or supporting executives to pursue new business.

Award-winning reporting for Wesfarmers

Wesfarmers has won an AIRA Award (Australasian Investor Relations Association) for “Best Use of Technology for Investor Communications by an Australasian Company”.

It’s a better crisis when your communications are calm, not chaotic

By its very nature a crisis tends to come out of the blue, but that does not mean a similar situation cannot be anticipated in advance.

Applying a campaign approach to change communications

I recently spoke at the HR Summit with Lizzie Moyle, a senior change management consultant, about change fatigue that workforces across Australia are facing.

Property Marketing Tips: How to use Facebook advertising effectively!

Like all industries the property sector is facing a rapidly changing marketing environment where the traditional methods of encouraging a consumer response are losing their impact.

When employees go rogue: how to navigate what your staff can and can’t say on social

This week we saw the Tasmanian Government land in hot water over its’ proposed social media policy for public servants.

Mobilising your message

We know that Facebook advertising has progressed far enough to deliver us real, tangible results when it comes to sales.

The style guide design dilemma

There is a conundrum that plagues designers regularly, and we need to get it off our chest.

Is your name actually harming your reputation?

A name says a lot about you. But can it determine your success or failure?

Five ways to convey your tone of voice through digital

In a modern age where words are shared globally in mere seconds, six out of 10 Australians now actively use Facebook for work and pleasure and one in five love a good scroll through Instagram.

Five ways to know whether it’s an issue or a crisis

When is a problem an issue, and when it is a crisis? Often these terms are used loosely and interchangeably.