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The coming of age

Was it really 18 years ago that the first Apple iMac was exported to Australian shores? Remember those crazy little pod computers in fluro orange, green and blue? It sure was – and we were the first customers in Perth.
If you can’t remember those computers then Clarity might have been around longer than you have.

Is Pokémon Go the next great experiential marketing tool?

Pokemon Go - Teaser
It is impossible to deny that Pokémon Go is not just another game but a veritable phenomenon. The question is, for curious marketers and cunning business owners; does this new craze represent an exciting marketing opportunity?

How to measure PR success for award winning results

PR Measurement

Collaborating with influencers makes magic happen

What happens when you collaborate with a group of influencers? If the right influencers are involved, it can mean the difference between a campaign being good or great.

Five ways to know whether it’s an issue or a crisis

Crisis Thumbnail
When is a problem an issue, and when it is a crisis? Often these terms are used loosely and interchangeably. Anyone who has experienced both knows they are vastly different things and, as a result, there are different ways to manage an issue versus a crisis.

Are you influential?

Are you influential? (teaser)
Influencing people is one of the greatest challenges in the workplace. It’s the characteristic that defines good leadership because being able to bring people on the journey with you and share a vision will ultimately determine your success at work and also on a personal basis.

Updates to Google’s Ad Layout on Desktop Search Results

Google Updates

Gen Z Shakes Up Shops

What will the digital marketing landscape look like when Gen Z comes to town?

Why we need to stop thinking about Facebook likes

Why social media media isn't and shouldn't be considered just a numbers game.

Yes Minister! Or is it?

The art of government relations is about understanding who to talk to and when. Connect GR, Perth's newest government relations consultancy, shares its insights.

Six tips that will make LinkedIn work for you

LinkedIn whether you love it or loathe it is here to stay. It has more than 4 million Australian's on the social network and accounts for 80 per cent of business professionals nationally. No other conference in the world gives you this level of access.

And if you think of LinkedIn is just a place to post your resume and contacts you might be in for a big surprise. LinkedIn is now set to become the most relevant business newspaper on the market today.

Repeat after me

How many times should you be telling your side of the story?

Avoiding an internal comms failure


Is Business Development in the “Too Hard” Basket?

The Sunday Times News Editor Anthony DeCeglie