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The coming of age

Was it really 18 years ago that the first Apple iMac was exported to Australian shores? Remember those crazy little pod computers in fluro orange, green and blue? It sure was – and we were the first customers in Perth.
If you can’t remember those computers then Clarity might have been around longer than you have.

Five ways to know whether it’s an issue or a crisis

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When is a problem an issue, and when it is a crisis? Often these terms are used loosely and interchangeably. Anyone who has experienced both knows they are vastly different things and, as a result, there are different ways to manage an issue versus a crisis.

Are you influential?

Are you influential? (teaser)
Influencing people is one of the greatest challenges in the workplace. It’s the characteristic that defines good leadership because being able to bring people on the journey with you and share a vision will ultimately determine your success at work and also on a personal basis.