Brand New Era: Building stronger, more resilient brands in a post COVID-19 world

For all the challenges that it posed, the COVID-19 crisis has proven to be an extraordinary accelerator of change. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a common theme emerging with the businesses we work with: organisations are desiring something different; there cannot be a return to ‘business as usual’, because the usual of their pre COVID-19 operations has shifted.

Amid the mass exodus of offices and panic buying of toilet paper, the extraordinary circumstances of the past months have also caused a shift in consumers, fostering a renewed sense of resilience and empathy among the broader community that has extended to how customers select and engage with their preferred brands.

This shift in sentiment makes it more important now for companies to demonstrate their values and purpose – to demonstrate their purpose in real and authentic ways.

To connect with consumers questioning the status quo, companies must reinvigorate their thinking and refocus their brand story. Companies that are ambitious enough to do this will build stronger connections to their customers – and those customers will be more likely to reciprocate that connection, meaningfully and long term.

History has proven repeatedly that businesses that invest in their brand, marketing, research and development and other future-focussed growth areas during periods of uncertainty and economic downturn are more successful during the resulting upswing than those who take a conservative approach.

While it may feel too soon to think about harnessing creativity to transform your business after coronavirus, the coming weeks and months are the perfect time to seize the trend toward transformation that consumers are seeking as life returns to a new type of normal.

No entity – business or otherwise – can achieve positive growth or change without first imagining that a better state of being is possible.

But what of creativity under pressure? When emerging from a crisis and working hard to establish a new normal for employees and customers, where does a business find the capacity to imagine, innovate and think creatively? This is the issue facing so many organisations after COVID-19, it’s a conversation we’re having with clients on a daily basis.

Companies that engage with these questions will navigate uncertainty better and emerge stronger and closer to their customers. If you’re interested to learn more about how you can reinvigorate your brand story, you can contact me on


Daniel Carroll

Daniel has developed and implemented the design direction of many of Perth’s major public and private sector organisations. He is well known among Perth’s business community for his unique blend of creativity and project management.