Finding clarity in a crisis.

What are the hallmarks of a crisis? It’s an important distinction to make because how you manage communication in a crisis is very different to the day-to-day.

In a crisis, the goal is to contain damage to your reputation through clear, concise and authentic communication –it’s too late to build your brand.

Our advice? Prepare early.

Or spend 90 seconds watching this video, give us a call and we’ll help you prepare.

With any luck, you’ll never need us.

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Peta Rule
Senior Media Consultant

Peta is a seasoned corporate communications and media strategist, having worked in WA for almost 20 years both in industry and Government. She developed crisis communications and brand strategy as the in-house communications lead at newly-created Government Trading Enterprise Southern Ports, after six years working with a range of ministers and portfolios in the Western Australian State Government.