NDS #thinksupport campaign: phase two of filming is complete

National Disability Services (NDS) – Youth Attraction Campaign: #ThinkSupport

 With around 25% of all participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aged under 25 years, the Department of Communities and NDS WA wished to attract more youth workers to disability support. An awareness campaign was developed to promote the benefits and opportunities for youth that come with working in disability support, thereby attracting workers better suited and attuned to the needs of younger people with disabilities.

The campaign creative developed by our sister agency, Firefly, was based on market research conducted by Clarity, which found there was limited understanding amongst the youth market of what disability support involved and misconceptions about the job itself.

Inspiration for the campaign came directly from passionate young support workers who were interviewed, resulting in four honest and real short films, showing the reality of being a support worker – some expected, but many beyond the traditional associations of the job. Our “more than you think” campaign aims to challenge people’s conventional thinking of disability support work. We crafted a narrative around these young people on a day out, having lunch at a pub together, going to the movies and showcasing the real joy it brings to both parties, which are all central to the theme that this is more than just a job.

This campaign was split into two phases – the first featuring a trip to the movies and lunch at the pub from the perspective of two support workers, Conor and Georgia, which went to market in early December. The second phase has recently completed filming and is going to market in March. Having a two-phased approach allows us to refresh the creative and feature the perspectives of additional support workers.

Reaching the target market

Armed with the research insights on our target market, including their employment decision-making journey and the best channels to reach them, our team developed a cohesive campaign approach across social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube and paid search, augmented with outdoor advertising.

The creative for this campaign featured bold, vibrant colours with key messages focused on the benefits of working in disability support, as told to us by the support workers we interviewed.  An authentic campaign was designed to capture the essence of the special role that a disability support worker plays in the lives of the people they care for. The tag line “ThinkSupport” encourages the audience to consider this career path.

A central website ‘hub’ was developed to provide job-seekers essential employment information, with a focus on the next steps to take to pursue a career in disability support. The website also includes a host of job application tools and tips, including how to write a good cover letter, resume checklist and interview techniques.

A holistic approach to this engagement saw the targeted youth market take centre stage at all times, from researching the best channels to reach them, a campaign creative that shone a spotlight on the experience from the perspective of a young support worker, to answering the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question with the key benefits a disability support worker can enjoy.


Liza White
Client Relationship Manager

Liza has over 15 years’ experience working in the professional services sector. Her substantial in-house marketing experience equips her with a deep appreciation for, and insight into, the business needs of clients across the broad spectrum of Clarity’s’ service offerings including branding, PR, communications and digital.