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Issues Management & Crisis Communications

We operate in a world where business is subject to public scrutiny like never before. In a media environment where one photo or video sent via Twitter or Facebook can make or break a reputation, it pays to be on the front foot and have the right plans in place.

In short, you must know how to handle issues and be crisis ready at all times.

Any leader must be able to ask the following questions of their team, and get the right answers.

  • Do we have processes and tools in place to identify the issues that matter most to our organisation?
  • Can we prioritise our issues and develop effective organisational and communication responses?
  • Are our processes for risk management and issues management aligned?
  • Do we have a plan to respond to a crisis and how often has it been tested?
  • Can we undertake crisis media management?
  • Can we respond quickly and effectively online via social media and other digital platforms?
  • Are we monitoring our external environment all the time?

We offer Western Australia's leading issues management and crisis communications services to allow you to be skilled, armed and ready with the best tools and strategies to be proactive in handling issues and crises. Our goal is to help you protect and enhance your organisation's long-term reputation by being issues and crisis ready.



We can help you: 

  • Undertake issues identification and prioritisation processes
  • Align your risk management and issues management activities
  • Develop a long-term issues management plan and crisis communication strategy, inclusive of scenario planning
  • Provide full briefings to senior managers and key stakeholders at onset of issue or crisis
  • Keep in constant communication with key audiences to update them on new developments
  • Handle all media queries and requests, briefings, media conferences
  • Provide key message development and media training 
  • Provide a full social media management and response
  • Implement social and media monitoring
  • Provide a full debrief to senior managers and key stakeholders

We are the nominated external crisis communications provider for a number of Western Australia’s largest companies and this requires regular testing and review via crisis simulations to ensure that our skills are maintained at the highest level in preparation for major incidents in the oil and gas, mining, industrial, health and education sectors.

Throughout the year we hold regular Issues and Crisis Management workshops to train business on how to respond to issues in the new digital world.