Media Training

Clarity has been delivering media training to executives in Western Australia, across Australia and around the world for more than 20 years.

Some clients come to us looking for media training to prepare them, should an issue or opportunity arise. Others seek our support for a specific situation or crisis, in the midst of intense pressure to front the media and explain their side of the story. Regardless of the circumstances we have the expertise to help, with unique perspectives and extensive experience in how best to handle virtually any media scenario.

Handling the media is more than facing a camera and giving out key messages – it is about timing, presentation, well-crafted messaging and the subtleties of body language. We address all of these aspects because we know that when it comes to media, audiences judge the whole package, not just the words they’re hearing.

  • Theory of working with the media
  • Development of key messages and group practice
  • Body language and presentation tips
  • Simulated interview practice on camera in green screen studio, playback and review
  • Final interview video files supplied with background studio imagery to show realistic examples of executives in action.