Public Relations

Clarity is Western Australia’s leading public relations agency with a 20-year track record across a range of blue-chip Australian businesses.

From resources to property, social enterprise to education, we work with businesses that understand how PR can impact their bottom line. We advise clients on how to protect their reputation and relationships through positive communication and promotion, while proactively addressing any issues likely to impact on their commercial success.

Public relations is more than just media relations. It is creating strategies that build strong stakeholder relationships with government, community, influencers, customers and suppliers. It’s about devising strong messaging and other activities to position the business favourably, enhancing its social licence to operate. Clarity has substantial, long-standing relationships with both sides of politics, and all three tiers of Government.

  • Establish your media goals
  • Identify media stories suitable for different publications
  • Establish key messages for your organisation
  • Create a range of media materials appropriate for the media
  • Build relationships with specific journalists for your organisation
  • Organise and manage interviews, and brief executives and Directors
  • Implement media and social monitoring
  • Provide media training