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WA's Battle for Mining Talent

WA’s Battle for Mining Talent is ground-breaking new research that shows FIFO and residential workers care most about:

  • even-time rosters;
  • real Professional Development,
  • detailed career pathways;
  • and getting a good night’s sleep.

These are THE significant factors why employees will choose to work for you.

WA’s Battle for Mining Talent is the first report of its kind to identify the key factors other than salary that influence decision-making by employees and their partners.

Our FREE in-depth webinar outlined the critical findings from WA’s Battle for Mining Talent. And is a MUST watch for anyone in culture and organisation development in the mining sector.

This webinar is suitable for executives with responsibilities for people, culture and HR, along with communications professionals in mining and contract services organisations.

For people, culture and organisation development, a business’s focus should be on resourcing and recruiting the right people in 2020, while retaining them and their existing essential personnel into the future.

This report visibly identifies the industry insights and new trends associated with acquiring, developing, leading and retaining talent, to support your internal teams to communicate and deliver these outcomes to your workforce successfully.

This independent research is funded and delivered by CoreData, Clarity Communications and The Resources Hub.