Bloom – Centre for Youth Innovation

Developing a scalable visual identity system to deliver a cohesive and connected brand experience.

St Catherine’s, a residential college with two locations on the UWA and Curtin University campuses, provides student accommodation, and is home to Bloom, an Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for young West Australian’s.

Clarity was approached to help develop a unifying visual system to convey a greater sense of continuity and cohesiveness between its flagship Bloom program, as a sub-brand of the St Catherine’s College head brand. Increasing awareness and strengthening the link between the two.

The core idea to the visual identity and expression of St Catherine’s College flagship programs is framed by the concept of ‘A Window to Opportunities’. This translates visually to the brandmark as a solid monogram that is distinct, bold, and contemporary, and that can hold many subsequent brand expressions, meanings, and ideas.

For Bloom this is built on the single letterform ‘B’, which is comprised of two building blocks, representing learning and collaboration.

The platform developed outlines the design guiding principles for Bloom to provide a starting point, direction, and a source of inspiration for the future rollout of assets and collateral. This includes a visual system to improve information hierarchy, effectiveness across multiple channels, and a toolkit for design and implementation that is easy to use and build upon.




Branding & Design