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Catholic Homes

A new look for an organisation that is steeped in tradition has allowed Catholic Homes to stay relevant in an increasingly aged care competitive market.

In preparation for funding reforms, we worked with Catholic Homes to modernise its brand and bring it to life through offline and digital platforms.

Extensive research allowed us to develop a set of strong brand values which served as the platform for all our communications. Read more

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The Brief 

In 2017 the aged care industry experienced a major change in their funding model, giving the elderly unprecedented choice in their home care services provider.

As a result, the industry has became highly competitive.  

Catholic Homes, a not for profit aged care organisation based in Perth, came to us with the desire to better articulate its values and brand essence to the market. It also wanted to firm up its market share when the funding model changed.

The Challenge

The government is keen to keep people in their homes longer and have redesigned the funding model to give consumers more choice about who they receive home support from. With the changes in early 2017, aged care operators have been investing heavily in marketing to solidify their brand position.

Across buses, on billboards, on TV and in the newspaper you flick through each morning over coffee, you’ll see ads for all the big players vying for market share.

A low profile player, Catholic Homes needed to stand out in this competitive industry, for the right reasons.

Firstly, we needed to determine whether the “Catholic” name was perceived in a positive light.

We also needed to clearly define whether its brand was resonating with the right market, and more importantly, define who exactly this audience was.

Catholic Homes had very little digital presence – and we saw this as their biggest challenge. With key influencers in the decision-making process using digital as their main search tool, they needed to improve their Google ranking and start to take advantage of opportunities in social.

The Approach

Prior to embarking on the re-brand, we undertook extensive stakeholder research. It became clear that the Catholic name was not an immediate impediment to success and in fact shared the values of trust and comfort among clients and staff. It also helped define their position in the market place – a place that offers warmth; security.

We refreshed their existing green and purple logo with a warm, cleaner styling using a colour palette of peach, purple and rose.

This rebrand was rolled out through the website, on new brochures, signage, advertising and internal collateral.

Stakeholder research revealed that the buyers of aged care services were heavily influenced by their children or close family members aged between 45 and 70.

These are people who are google-savvy and heavy users of social media.

Therefore, a digital / social strategy was implemented to ensure Catholic Homes was on their radar from the moment they began looking for an aged care provider for a loved one.

We developed a strategy to launch their home care brand into the market through press, social media and pay per click advertising. The campaign generated a strong pipeline of leads for the business and ensured they have a secure revenue base moving forward.

The Results

We achieved a fresh rebrand that reflected the generous care and passion that Catholic Homes had provided for 50 years.

The aesthetic of the new website was warm and inviting, simple to use and easily found on Google.

The Facebook content and advertising reinforce their brand values and share the Catholic Homes story. More importantly, it delivered new clients in an increasingly competitive market.

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