A Golden Opportunity for Farmers

CBH does not traditionally interfere with how farmers manage their businesses. However, with an increased focus on food quality from a more discerning market, it needed to ensure that the product it was exporting met international standards.

Australian grain is known for its purity, free from over-spraying and toxic chemicals. To ensure it maintains this reputation, CBH worked with farmers to educate them on how to manage their spraying programs to produce a high quality product.

Clarity was asked to create a campaign that respectfully educated and reminded farmers when they should be crop spraying. We came up with the campaign : Let’s Keep WA’s Grain Reputation Golden.

Farmers are active and engaged Facebook users. CBH has over 17,500 followers so this channel was chosen for its cost effectiveness and strong engagement.

Using short effective messages on Facebook, we reminded farmers to follow instructions, check before they spray and learn more.

The result was that CBH was able to maintain crop quality and build greater understanding of the role spraying plays in the quality of their grain.


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