Disability support advert by Think Support

#ThinkSupport Campaign

About 25 per cent of all customer participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are aged under 25, however the percentage of younger disability support workers in Western Australia is disproportionately low.

The Department of Communities and NDS WA approached Clarity for assistance with developing a campaign to raise awareness of disability support work careers with young people, with a view to attracting larger numbers of young people to work in disability support services.

The resulting creative campaign #ThinkSupport was designed to raise awareness of careers in support work, promoting a range of employment benefits and opportunities to attract workers better suited and attuned to the needs of young people living with disability.

The campaign was informed by an extensive program of market research conducted by Clarity, which highlighted the limited understanding of support work among the target audience and misconceptions about support work as a job.

The campaign creative team developed a a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to increase awareness among young people about careers in disability support.

Centred around a core message of support work being “more than you think”, the campaign challenged young people’s conventional thinking about disability support work. The campaign highlighted the relationships between a core group of young customers and support workers, featuring their everyday interactions and activities such as having lunch at a pub together and going to the movies – showcasing the real joy for both the customer and support worker in each activity and interaction, reinforcing why there is “more than you think” to every aspect of support work.

Armed with the research insights on our target market, including their employment decision-making journey and the best channels to reach them, our digital experts and media buyers developed a comprehensive approach across social media (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube and paid search, augmented with outdoor advertising.

Audiences were driven to a central campaign ‘information hub’ online, designed to provide jobseekers with essential employment information to guide them on the next steps of pursuing a career in disability support. This website included a host of information, resources, and guidance for gaining more information. Importantly, it also provided job application tools and tips such as how to write a good cover letter, a simple resume checklist and basic interview techniques.

The campaign creative featured bold, vibrant colours and key messages focused on the benefits of working in disability support, told firsthand by the young support workers and customers featured.

The campaign authentically captured the essence of the special role that a disability support worker plays in the lives of their customers, and the tagline and associated ‘ThinkSupport’ hashtag encouraged audiences to meaningfully consider a support work career path. Overall, the campaign reached a significant audience achieving 2.4 million impressions, 9,219 clicks to the website and a social reach of 206,540 across two three-month campaign periods.


National Disability Services (NDS)


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