Unifying First Quantum Minerals around the world.

As a growing global company, First Quantum Minerals (FQM) needed to speak with one voice globally to many different stakeholders.

Communication requirements for investors, NGOs, employees and local communities surrounding FQM’s mines differed, but were consistent in their need for clarity and consistency.

Clarity was charged with collating content from FQM’s global operations and creating a communications plan that allowed the company to tailor it’s content to the differing needs of its primary stakeholders. We determined that content relating to corporate social responsibility was of most importance to FQM’s employees and external stakeholders, and so this content area was made the cornerstone of our communications.

The message was sent out to FQM project managers around the globe – if there was someone on their mine site doing incredible things for the local community, the environment or embodying the FQM spirit in some other way, we wanted to know about it.

As stories flooded in, it was up to Clarity to determine what was relevant to each audience and promote that accordingly. What was of interest to communities in Zambia may not be of interest to investors in Europe, so a decision on what countries or groups to promote content to was made on a case-by-case basis.

A decision was made to keep all page content in English, as the dominant language for the majority of FQM’s audience. However, we have also undertaken testing of translating content and promoting it to audiences in non-English speaking countries, to enable FQM to extend its reach as it continues to look towards South and Central America as locations for future projects.

Content has been posted on the FQM global page for over a year, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Posts reach an average of tens of thousands of people and combined reach has topped 1 million. FQM is back in control of its social media presence and is now looking to further refine its messages to audiences around the world.


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