Joondalup Health Campus: Capturing the story

On 30 March 2020, Ramsay Health Care’s flagship facility Joondalup Health Campus was called on to care for 30 COVID-19 positive patients from the German cruise ship Artania.

The hospital was well prepared to accommodate what was one of the biggest single cohorts of COVID-19 patients in Australia, but it led to a surge in demand for public relations services including internal communications support, stakeholder relations and media inquiries.

Clarity joined the Ramsay Health Care communications team to lead strategic communications, which freed up the in-house team to focus on critical activities that needed an immediate response.

Clarity led a project to capture the activities undertaken by JHC to respond to COVID-19, the purpose of which was two-fold:
• To record a one-in-a-generation response to the global pandemic,
• Provide a resource to educate and inform other Ramsay Health Care hospitals about JHC’s successful management of the pandemic.

Clarity’s work with Lasso Productions delivered 12 short videos focussing in different parts of the hospital’s pandemic response, from the high-profile professions such as nursing and the emergency department through to unsung heroes such as engineering, cleaning staff, infection control and quality and safety.

The short videos were shared on social media and prompted a long-form article in The Australian with the JHC chief executive officer, which congratulated the hospital on managing a big patient cohort with no spread of infection.

This proactive work allowed the in-house team to focus on responding to media inquiries and supporting critical internal communications.


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