Clarity is currently engaged by SapuraOMV to provide stakeholder engagement advice and crisis communications support for its Australian operations. For the past two years we have assisted Malaysian and Austrian joint venture oil and gas company SapuraOMV to establish and undertake operations in State and Commonwealth waters off the coast of Western Australia.

Our brief is to assist with issues and crisis management, which during that period have involved a major seismic campaign in the Timor Sea, a shutdown of operations because of COVID restrictions, and more recently the commencement of an exploration campaign on the edge of the Exmouth Gulf.

Clarity’s consultants have worked closely with SapuraOMV executives and teams in Western Australia and internationally to identify in advance issues that may impact the company’s operations here and put in place communications and risk management strategies. The potential issues include items such as:

  • community concern
  • climate change protests
  • environmental impacts
  • health and safety impacts

We have then helped SapuraOMV prepare for each of these issues, including communication with a wide range of stakeholders from senior State Government Ministers to the local community.

We are the nominated crisis communications managers in the event of a crisis and will take the Public Information Officer (PIO) roles in Perth, Western Australian and coordinate global activities with colleagues in Malaysia and Austria.

As is usual for many of our resources clients, the Clarity team has been tested during crisis simulations to ensure that we can perform the roles and provide the expert support required. Our feedback from these simulations results in a range of improvements to processes and systems, as well as important activities like media training key executives.




Issues & Crisis Management