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Avertas Energy

Avertas Energy was the first energy-from-waste facility approved for construction in Australia. The project uses sophisticated thermal technology to treat household waste and turn it into electricity, which is then fed into the grid.

Energy from waste is a well-accepted technology around the world but is new in Australia.

The challenge was to create a both a long-term strategy and deliverable tactics that would educate and inform the community on this transitional technology that aims to divert household waste from landfill and generate energy.

The facility is located in Kwinana which is an industrial zone with a high level of local awareness about air quality, so being able to explain emissions and the impact on greenhouse gases was also critical.

After helping coordinate a sod-turning event attended by the Premier of Western Australia the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA and the then-Federal Minister for the Environment the Hon. Melissa Price MP, Clarity Communications developed a comprehensive framework that underpinned contracted community engagement requirements Avertas Energy had with the Rivers Regional Council, from where it would draw its waste.

As part of that community engagement, Clarity worked closely with both local and global experts in energy from waste technology to develop a series of clear, concise fact sheets that described the treatment process, including absolute transparency on the projected emissions from the facility, and the impact it will have on greenhouse gas emissions in Western Australia.

The fact sheets became the basis of a series of presentations, online articles, and social media posts to educate and inform stakeholders about the energy from waste process, and ensure consistency of messaging throughout the construction period.

Avertas Energy has continued to have a high level of support from stakeholders and all community queries have been effectively and efficiently responded to.

This is evidence of the company’s commitment to transparency, which has ensured social media interactions and media coverage have been either positive, or potential contentious issues have been effectively managed before they’ve hit the public sphere.

Works are ongoing on the construction of the facility and we look forward to working with Avertas Energy into the future as the energy from waste process in Australia becomes a reality.


Avertas Energy


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