Building a purpose-driven business

IGO has been perceived as a traditional mining company, however its board was keen to make a difference. They believed the future of the business was in attracting young, innovative professionals, whilst building a strong reputation with investors and partners.

The challenge was to humanise the brand. Our first step was to clearly articulate their purpose: Making A Difference. This manifesto has been the foundation of all the internal communications pieces, building a culture of passionate, fearless, smarter and kinder people. The next step was to build a series of communications tools that shared this with stakeholders.

A corporate video was produced using employees across all their sites. The power of this medium was that the narrative conveyed the positive emotions shared by their team rather focussing on operations.

This video was shared across digital platforms including LinkedIn to introduce their workplace culture, community engagement and scope of business to the wider business community.Supporting this was a suite of internal communications tools including staff newsletters, posters, brochures, induction packs, and culture awareness programs.

We also created a series of investor tools which included the Annual Report, Sustainability Report, branded webcam and investor slide-decks.

Finally, to bring this brand to life in the community and industry, IGO has invested in advertising across a range of publications. Clarity worked with IGO to create an effective campaign that demonstrates IGO’s ‘difference’.

IGO’s brand now reflects its deeply embedded values, positioning it as an employer of choice and a solid investment option.


Independence Group


Branding & Design, Digital & Social Experience